About Us

Our service speaks for itself

We understand how difficult this time of loss is. At inRemembrance Printing we are here to help you keep your loves one’s memory alive with our keepsakes and print services. We specialize in obituary printing and provide a variety of other print services at your request.

More than 25 years ago Troy Hall went to a funeral for his late uncle and was simply unimpressed with the quality and care of the printed obituary handed out to friends and family in a time of need. Motivated by his desire to be his own boss and the desire to provide better services for those going through a difficult time, Troy and his wife Brenda founded Graphics Dynamite out of their garage in Bolingbrook, IL in 1990.

Perfecting the printed obituary became their niche business and by 1997 their small print shop formally became The Obituary Service. They opened shop at 8248 S. Cottage Grove Rd in Chicago’s south side and has grown to be the premier outlet for obituary printing throughout Chicago. As The Obituary Service, Troy and Brenda have been consistently recognized by the media for their services, care, and community service they provided.

In February of 2012, Troy Hall passed away. As he is missed by his family and friends, his son Anthony and daughter Tiffany carry on the family legacy of providing exemplary print services and keepsakes for those in need. In March of 2012, The Obituary Service is now inRemembrance Printing signaling a changing of the guard from their father.

Anthony and Tiffany are taking inRemembrance Printing to the next era of technology and print services. Ushering in new equipment, services, and partnering with even more funeral homes, churches, and businesses, inRemembrance Printing is the next evolution of what the Hall’s started more than 20 years ago.

Our goal as inRemembrance Printing is to help ease and comfort you and your family during your bereavement. Our process, services, and keepsakes are precision focused on this goal. Please call us or contact us anytime for details about our products or services.