Posted on Jul 18, 2012 in News

Online Memorial Guest Book – Free

If ever there’s a moment when we need things to be easy, it’s when a loved one transitions.

With much to arrange and everyone exhausted, it can be hard to keep it all together. The online obituary and memorial guest book are a prime example. Family and friends want to know…

“Is the obituary on the Internet? How can I see it?”

“There seem to be multiple obituaries …which is the official one?”

“Can I leave a comment?”

“Do we have to pay for this?”

Obituaries are often printed in more than one place, and in larger communities, there may be several citizens with the same name as your loved one. People sometimes search for hours for the right webpage and never find it!

And that’s a shame. Because online memorial guest books are a beautiful way to honor transitioned loved ones, and they help the families. There’s something very healing about reading everyone’s kind words in one place and knowing that others have read them, too.

We know — you’d love to figure this whole thing out, but with so many preparations, who has the time?

That’s why we created inRemembrance Memorials. What began in 2001 as one of the first online memorial guest books is now one of the best! Retooled and ready for duty, inRemembrance Memorials offers:

- A special memorial web page for your loved one, with picture and obituary

- A custom link to your loved one’s page that you can share with family and friends

- Guest book functionality, so that visitors can pay their respects no matter where they live, and read what others have written

- Screened commenting, to ensure that all comments posted are respectful and appropriate

…Best of all, our customers receive all of this FREE with any funeral printing order.

Our Memorials online memorial guest book is just one of the ways inRemembrance makes life easier for our customers. Call us at (773) 874-8700 to see how else we can help, or click to read about our funeral printing services.